Hey all. My name is Tae. I'm the creator and owner of Afresh Culture. 

I started this company after a phone call with a friend. He had asked me, why did I stop selling t-shirts. Well, back story. Around 2013ish, I started this faith based t-shirt brand that kind of did pretty decent and had a small following, mainly in the area that I lived in. After maybe a year and a half, I just stopped, abruptly. No real rhyme or reason. Life just happened. I was working two jobs, my creativity level was at a low, I had no energy to do anything outside of work. Multiple jobs were stealing my life force, LOL! 

During that period, I saw a LOT Christian t-shirt brands pop up left and right. I always thought about booting it back up again, but got very discouraged seeing all of these dope brands pop up. Like, how am I gonna compete with that? So I just left it alone.

Fast forward to 2018. I had that convo on the phone with my homie and it got my wheels turning. Like, yeah, why can't I reboot this thing? THEN, later that day, I was on a Facebook message thread with my God Sqwad crew (I also co-owned a small label named God Sqwad Records) and on my timeline is a memory. You know how FB will automatically post a memory of something that you shared years ago? Yeah, that. And it was a photo I posted of the shirts that I use to do. THEN, that same day, someone posted a pic himself in one of my old shirts. I'm like YO, ok God, is that you? 

So I went back to the drawing board. Coming up with shirt ideas left and right. Then I came up with the name. Afresh. But Afresh what? Afresh Clothing Company. Nah, scratch that. Afresh Brand. Nope. Well, what does Afresh mean to me? Afresh means new. Start over. Begin again. I am starting new with this. Our faith has to always be afreshed daily. It's like a cultural thing...THATS IT! Afresh Culture!! There it is! Afresh Culture.

So now, here I am, dope clothing line, with some dope t-shirts, hats and hoodies. I'm ready to stand beside those same companies that I was intimidated by. 

Praise God for giving me that nudge!