The Mission

When I created Afresh Culture, the scripture I had in mind was Acts 3:19, "Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord"
Thats what Afresh Culture is, being refreshed daily. We are not perfect at all, if we were, we wouldn't need Jesus. We fall and sin daily, even without thinking. We have to go through our day repenting for our thoughts and actions. I myself, have to repent for thoughts daily. Repent, turn to God and be refreshed. THAT is the daily mission. Someone once told me that the distance from your heart, to your mind, is the same distance that we can miss heaven by. We can tell ourselves all day that we need Jesus, that we need forgiveness, but the desires of our heart can make us feel otherwise. We have to set our hearts on the Lord and our mind will follow. 

There is also a side mission. My prayer for this brand is that God blesses it fully where proceeds from all sales can be used to help other missions. Where we can bless a kid who needs clothes, bless a ministry going on a missions trip, bless churches in need of help, bless a mother who is struggling. See, this is not about me making money, this is about using art to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. I personally have a job that pays my bills and puts food on my families table and medicine for my diabetic son and post kidney transplant wife. God provides that already. I'm not looking for Afresh Culture to be my source of income. If God makes that happen, then cool. I just want my gift to bless others, all while providing people with fresh apparel that may spark a conversation about Jesus. 

So, to end, help me bless others. If you see a shirt or hat that that you like, cop it. Lets bless some people this year! God bless!

Dante, creator and owner of Afresh Culture